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Kirkland Survey: the ’70s

From a survey of seniors (class of 1974):

What is most important to you about Kirkland now?

  • The freedom it allowed me . . .to grow, to make mistakes, and to learn the way I felt I had to, in a very independent, personal way.
  • The students with whom I’ll graduate, the deep friendships I have made, and the people I love here.
  • The one-to-one academic atmosphere
  • The lack of grade pressure

Do you now feel Kirkland was the right choice in terms of social satisfaction?

Initially my attitude was totally anti-fraternity and anti-Hamilton, but much to my surprise I found I enjoyed many of the Hamilton men I met and many of the fraternity social activities.  I’ve met some people whom I genuinely like as friends, although their attitudes may conflict with my own at points.

From a survey of all four classes:

What were your major reasons for selecting Kirkland over other colleges? (three answers allowed; selected responses)

Because it’s:

  • a woman’s college: 5%
  • Coordinate with Hamilton: 28.9%
  • Evaluations instead of grades: 40.9%
  • Innovative: 34.6%
  • Non-traditional: 34.6%

[Editors’ note: More than 20 students who chose “because Kirkland is innovative” followed it with, “or so I thought.”]

When you decided to come here, how important was it to you that the social life was coed?

  • Very important: 65.1
  • Somewhat important: 26.6%

Do you believe the social life here is

  • Very good: 4.3%
  • Good: 20.6%
  • Okay: 38.5%
  • Bad: 24.3%
  • Very bad: 9.6%

Do you believe that coordination promotes healthy or unhealthy relationships between the sexes?

  • Very unhealthy: 6.0%
  • Somewhat unhealthy: 25.9%
  • Neutral: 20.9%

Do you think it would be a good idea to change Kirkland’s academic model to:

  • A women’s independent college: 3.7%
  • A coeducational independent college: 8.0%
  • A merger with Hamilton: 8.0%
  • A coed school, still coordinate, with an emphasis on women’s concerns: 22.2%
  • Remain the same: 40.5%

Elisabeth Horwitt K73

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