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About AMP

UPDATE: As we prepare for a post-pandemic, on-campus gathering, the Charter Class 50th Reunion and All-Kirkland events, site managers Jennie, Jo, and Judy are working to augment, refresh, and even modernize this site. Come visit often, and please contribute comments and articles.

The Kirkland College Archives, Media and Publications Committee was launched in 2008 with the following mission:

Purpose Statement:

The Kirkland Archives Project, an initiative of The Committee for Kirkland College, aims to ensure records and memories of our undergraduate institution are aggregated, maintained and made available to alumnae and scholars through the auspices of the Hamilton College Library. Every opportunity to engage current students in the process of gathering data and material, cataloguing existing files and creation of future exhibitions will be pursued.

Our immediate objectives are:

1 – To support the Archivist at the Hamilton Library with efforts to properly identify and catalog existing materials including imagery, memorabilia, files and letters.

2 – To collect and preserve oral histories of Kirkland College, including those deposited with Barnard College during the late 1970s.

3 – To augment the permanent collection with contributions of unique, fragile and meaningful Kirkland memorabilia.

A longer-term objective is to develop a strategic plan for the Archives. As part of this process, we will consider means of creating a collection of audio remembrances of faculty and students as well as creation of a documentary (or series of vignettes on Kirkland College), exhibition and/or public access website by 2012 – the bicentennial anniversary of Hamilton College, which coincides with the 40th anniversary of Kirkland College’s first graduating class.

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  1. February 6, 2010 1:28 am

    Just to add a personal note: At present, AMP leadership consists of me, Judy Silverstein Gray and Jo Pitkin. Judy and Jo are both K’78, and we met during the course of planning the 2007 All-Kirkland Reunion. I was struck by their passion for Kirkland, and by the stories of its final year. Over the past decades I’ve maintained contact with several Charter classmates, but these two women made me rethink the significance of my diploma and the power inherent in sharing memory.

    And, like many readers perhaps, I’ve hoarded Kirkland memorabilia for decades. I think I wanted to find a safe place to deposit it (I love my 3 sons, but it’s not really their kind of thing). I wanted to know someone cared. Now, I have no doubt.

    Thanks for reading. I hope you will be moved to share your memories, thoughts, feelings and opinions with us.

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