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The Second Wave Breaks

March 12, 2015

Happy Women’s History Month!

Martha Freymann Miser, Kirkland Class of 1975, graduated with a BA in the newly created discipline of American Studies. She recently donated her 1973 Winter Study paper to the Hamilton College Archives. It’s interesting to read now, especially in light of the announcement that another women’s college—Sweet Briar College in Virginia—is closing at the end of the academic year.

Here is Martha’s typewritten (!) examination of Kirkland’s feminist underpinnings. As Martha says, “As you can see, it’s the perspective of a young twenty-something during the dawn of the second wave of feminism at an interesting point in Kirkland’s history.”

Freymann_Kirkland_Feminist or Anti-Feminist

Martha will be speaking on social innovation in April during the 2015 Spring Volunteer Weekend on the Hill.

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