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A View from Across the Road

April 3, 2011

When Kirkland greeted its first students in 1968, few of those studying across the road suddenly thought of their school as a “coordinate college.”  Very few, in fact, knew what to expect.

In 2009 Shelley Cowan K’75 had an opportunity to ask Hamilton’s Professor Jay Williams about his perspective on the Kirkland decade.  Professor Williams was Chaplain and Professor of Religion during that time, and many Kirkland students enrolled in his classes.  Click the triangle below to listen:

Prof. Jay Williams in 2011

Prof. Williams listening to Kirkland poets Jo Pitkin and Nin Andrews in 2010

Not long after this was recorded, the H/K classes of 1975 held a joint reunion on the Hill.  Peter Lotto contributed this summary of their recollections:

As part of our 2010 reunion celebration, Hamilton and Kirkland graduates from ‘75 gathered in Café Opus for an open-mic dialog about what it was like to have been part of “the middle years” of Kirkland-Hamilton. While Kirkland alumnae have had a number of opportunities to talk about their experiences, Hamilton alumni have not had many public discussions about the impact of Kirkland on their college years. We didn’t record the conversation; so if you were there, please correct my quotes and add whatever I missed.  [Click here to read more]

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