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Faculty Reflections

February 4, 2010

Rachel Dickinson, K’78 wrote the attached article about the legacy of Kirkland, for the Hamilton Alumni Review (vol. 67 (2002), no. 3, pp. 17-21). Doug Raybeck, Rick Werner, Peter and Nancy Rabinowitz, and Sue Ann Miller were interviewed for it. It’s a wonderful read, and our thanks to Katherine Collett, Hamilton Archivist, for scanning it:  KirklandLegacy

Kirkland faculty were also interviewed shortly after the Hamilton/Kirkland merger, as part of a project initiated at Barnard College. We don’t have permission to reproduce that material, but transcripts can be read at the Burke Library. Here’s a listing of contents:
Kirkland College Oral History: Typewritten Transcripts (unbound), Audio Cassette Interviews, Video Cassette of 20th Reunion, Columbia University & Kirkland History Projects
1. Interview Transcripts/Memoirs
1.1 Eugene Putala
1.2 Carol Ann Bellini-Sharp
1.3 John Higby O’Neill
1.4 Hermione Williams
1.5 Jay Williams
1.6 Rick Werner
1.7 Nancy Rabinowitz
2. Interview Transcripts
2.1 Samuel Fisher Babbitt
2.2 Walter Beinecke
2.3 Richard Couper
2.4 David Ellis
2.5 Majorie McEwen
2.6 Millicent McIntosh
2.7 Debbie Moskowitz
2.8 Inez Nelbach
2.9 Ruth Rinard
2.10 Carl Schneider
2.11 Connie Stellas
3. Assorted interview transcripts and information about the project, including listing of interviews deposited in archives
4. Interview with Russell Blackwood (transcript)
5. Interviews with Millicent McIntosh, Bill Salizillo, Elizabeth and Dr. James Ring, Peter Rabinowitz (2), Richard Couper (transcripts)
6. Interview with George Bahlke (transcript and cassette)
7. Interview with David Ellis (transcript and a cassette)
8. Kirkland College Reunion June 6, 1992 (cassette and transcript)
9. Interviews and description of the project
10. Kirkland College 20th Reunion Dinner “Open Mike” in McEwen Dining Hall 6/6/92 [1 hr. 30 min. (2 copies)]
11. Kirkland College 20th Reunion at the Harding Farm 6/6/92 [2 hr. 40 min.]
12. Taped Interviews by Kristen Gavin Russell (1992) original, unedited cassettes

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  1. val merriman permalink
    February 5, 2010 8:51 pm

    Why do you not have permission to reproduce or publish the faculty interview material re: the merger?

    • orchardgirl78 permalink
      February 9, 2010 2:44 am

      Hi Val:

      We’re trying to determine in which year the “yes” letter was first included in the admission envelope. To follow this thread, please click on the “leaves” icon on the right side of teh page and then on “admission letters” on the left side.

      Also happy to see you post on any event, building, person, course, or topic that inspires your memory.
      Thanks for logging on!


  2. February 5, 2010 9:37 pm

    As I understand it, Val, that material is owned by Barnard College. They agreed to provide copies to the Kirkland Archive at Hamilton, but not to its publication.

    That’s also a reason we’ve encouraged people to capture living memory in oral histories that we can share. We’ll be posting some guidelines for audio projects here in the next few days.

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