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Senior Projects

February 1, 2010

Another innovation at Kirkland was the undergraduate thesis, or senior project, required for graduation.  These could be performances, research, literary analysis  or other effort, but always included a written paper and a faculty interview.

The Kirkland Archives at Hamilton’s Burke Library houses copies of many projects.  Here’s brief sample:

“Appetite Plus: A Look at Obesity and Why it Happens” by Catherine Scott

“The Practice and Principles of Organic Gardening” by Jani Klebanow

“A Partial Analysis of the Soils of Gatecliff Rockshelter” by Liana Hoodes

“Women in the Church 1223-1548” by Christine DeLuca Lotto

“The Political Role of Public Security in Communist China” by Sara Paige Noble

“Designing a Solar Heated House” by Ruth Finch

“The Photochemistry of Methyl Phenyl Sulfoxide” by Donna J. Wax

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